Established in 2006 as the Interfaith Foundation of South Africa, the Turquoise Harmony Institute (THI) was rebranded in 2009 to better encapsulate its mission and vision. From its inception, THI has been devoted to fostering dialogue and encouraging tolerance among individuals from diverse backgrounds. We firmly uphold that our shared future should be built on a culture of coexistence, conversation, and acceptance. In our vision, differences are not just acknowledged, but celebrated, serving as catalysts for a more inclusive and understanding world.

THI actively facilitates community dialogue by planning and hosting a variety of events. Rooted in the philosophy of promoting love and discouraging discord, our activities align closely with the principle of Ubuntu, a tradition that emphasizes altruism and service to humanity.

Guided by the ethos of Ubuntu, we strive to serve the people of South Africa and beyond, inviting diverse communities to unite and coexist. Our mission is to construct bridges of understanding between different cultures, robust enough for everyone to cross towards each other in harmony.

Our vision involves enriching social capital – fostering personal relationships and networks to promote mutual understanding. These bonds of friendship aim to boost the collective good and nurture a shared comprehension among South African communities. To accomplish this, we engage with a broad spectrum of social and civic actors, encouraging people from different communities to share insights, dispel preconceptions, and foster mutual understanding and trust.

In all our endeavours, THI is inspired by the values of the Hizmet Movement, bringing its principles to life through our work to act as an agent of harmony in a diverse world, persistently advocating for a dialogue-driven, tolerant, and coexistent future for all as global community.